A book cover design for Donald Knowler

Riding the Devil's Highway, a book jacket for Donald Knowler, designed by Tim Squires

I have known Don Knowler for many years — we worked together at the Mercury before Don retired a little while ago. I illustrated many of his weekly columns on Tasmanian native birds and wildlife, and it was a great pleasure to work with someone who has such a deep interest in nature and wildlife conservation. Originally from the UK, Don is now … [Read more...]

Adventures with WordPress


I have been using WordPress since 2006. I started using the platform when I wanted to develop and maintain my own website to promote my illustration work. I quickly became fascinated by WordPress and since then I have watched it grow from a very handy blogging tool into a highly sophisticated content management system. While WordPress still has … [Read more...]

Animals of Tasmania: Wildlife of An Incredible Island


Animals of Tasmania: Wildlife of an Incredible Island is a book that documents and describes a host of Tasmanian species, including the iconic Tasmanian Devil, the mysterious Thylacine, the magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagle and the endangered Orange-bellied Parrot. These animals and many more have their own stories of survival, tragedy and hope in one … [Read more...]