Animals of Tasmania: Wildlife of An Incredible Island

Animals of Tasmania: Wildlife of an Incredible Island is a book that documents and describes a host of Tasmanian species, including the iconic Tasmanian Devil, the mysterious Thylacine, the magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagle and the endangered Orange-bellied Parrot. These animals and many more have their own stories of survival, tragedy and hope in one of the […]

In Mawson’s Footsteps

In Mawson’s Foosteps was a three-part magazine series published by the Mercury in partnership with the Tasmanian Government and Norske Skog, Boyer. The series commemorated the 100th anniversary of Douglas Mawson’s expedition to Antarctica in 1912, and I was very excited when given the task of designing the three magazines. This presented the opportunity of […]

Your day in the stars

This is a series of zodiac signs that I completed quite a few years ago which are still being used in the Mercury‘s daily guide to the stars . Each illustration began as a very rough drawing in pencil on scraps of A4 photocopy paper. I then scanned each drawing and traced over them in […]

Three great books about visual communication

Although I love the internet and the convenience of accessing information easily online, I still have a great love for printed books of many kinds. I’ve put together this quick review of three books that have taught me a great deal about graphic design, illustration, website development and visual communication in general. These books are […]